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Help us 3D Print Dildo Menorahs

Hey Gargoyle fans! Help us make our dildo menorah a reality. Yes, we're serious.

Loyal readers may have seen this rendering in our second issue. Now, with your help, we're hoping to actually 3D print it. Why? Because why not.

If you'd like to donate to this worthy cause, please send checks to

The Gargoyle at 420 Maynard Street

or contact us for in-person or online payment.

Dildo Menorah

Art by: Fiona Elizabeth Tien

Edgy Since 1492

We’ve always been edgy. Here’s a comic from a 1990 issue:


DAE Trump???!?!

Late to the bandwagon, per usual.


Art by James Jelly Brains Mackin

A Social Commentary

Couldn't or wouldn't?


Art by James Jelly Brains Mackin

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your local meme factory! Share the fabled Grad Garg to ace all your exams. Works 100% can confirm.


New Issue—Winter 2017

Our most recent issue is now online! Check it out very thoroughly and see if you can find the TOP SECRET hidden discrepancy between this one and the printed issue.


Overcoming your Fears

Yes, we are licensed mental health professionals, thanks for asking. And yes, your dick is that small.


Art by: Marjorie Garber

Pissing off the Ministers

At the time this issue was published (1930), Gargoyle staffers thought it would be a really fun idea to call all of the ministers on campus and describe how it depicted the wise man drinking a bottle of alcohol in the hopes of getting the worst reviews possible. It worked and that's probably why none of our supporters are ministers to this very day.

30s Cover

New Dating Service

Today we're showcasing some clients from our new online dating service. Contact if you're interested in signing up!


Art by James Jelly Brains Mackin

Hello Fellow Kids

Like this picture if you think it's time for us to do comedy again (the last time was in 1992 when we published this special issue).